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Partnership with Crystal Dew Tokyo - Customized Crystal Energy Bracelets

We are beyond excited and honored to be partnering with Yucca of Crystal Dew Tokyo to offer handcrafted crystal beaded bracelets that are customized for you based on your intentions and energy.

We have spent 20 years learning about different spiritual traditions across the globe.  We've met incredible individuals with special gifts and abilities.  Amongst those gifted individuals, Yucca stands out as a rare master.  

In this post, we've done a Q&A with Yucca about her background, the highly regarded bracelets, and how to care for crystals.



How did you get involved with crystals?
I spent parts of my childhood in Brazil and Mexico (hence my name Yucca) and was exposed to minerals and gemstones from a young age. Then, as I grew older, I continued to travel and backpack to various places, learning about spirituality, energy healing, meditation, yoga, qigong, etc.

How long have you been working with crystals?
Almost 20 years.

How did you learn about crystals?
I have always been drawn to crystal energy. As an energy reader, I communicate with the world around me and pick up vibrations from different sources. Sometimes, I dream. Other times, I learn from Masters and places. I believe working with crystals is very tied to my mission.




Can you explain the energy around crystals? How do they work and provide benefits to us?
I think everything is made by energy, even human beings. At times people’s energy in a certain area can weaken or some call it holes in the aura. Crystals can help strengthen these areas that may not be fully energized. Think of the crystals as pumping energy to those areas. When your energy is full, you may notice differences in your health, your luck and so on. 

What is special about your crystal bracelets? How is your bracelet different from a crystal bracelet you can purchase elsewhere?
As an energy reader, I can read not only read your energy, but I can then match what stone is best for you. I can also see the difference in a person’s energy once they start wearing the bracelet. Also, I love and have studied graphic design and art. So I like designing and creating as well. My primary intention is the bracelet’s energy, but I want my bracelets to look beautiful as well.

What if I don't fully believe or someone I'm buying this for doesn't believe in crystal energy? Will it still work?
It is ok not to believe but you do need to like the piece. Of course, to get the full effect from stones, you need to believe. Put differently, you don’t lose anything by believing stone energy.

How do you source your crystals?
I personally handpick and source my stones from trusted suppliers such as mine owners from Africa, South America, North America, Tibet, USA, Vietnam, Australia, India, Thailand, Nepal. I travel all around the world and choose beautiful stones, both in terms of energy and appearance.

What do the bracelets do? What benefit does it provide?
Supporting the wearer with appropriate energy attributes. Common intentions include compensation, health, good luck, power, braveness, help in taking exams, and protection from negative energy.

Can you explain how you make the bracelet? 
I read a person’s energy first. But after that, the process is unique for each bracelet and person. For example, sometimes, I’ll receive a message about what type of crystals needs to be used, or sometimes it’s a color that I am shown. Other times, a crystal will call out to me to be used in a particular bracelet. Every time is different. As long as I am calm and happy, messages about how to create the bracelet will flow through me.

Why do you need client photo?
The photo isn’t mandatory. But it does help me provide a more accurate reading.

What if you see an energy area that needs more assistance than the intentions client provides? For example, the client has asked for help with their love life but you see the more immediate attention needs to be paid to their health?
If this happens, we will reach out to you to see get your permission to see if we can include another intention or replace your intention.

Does the order of the crystals in the bracelet matter? If so, how?
Yes, very much so! The order is extremely important for the overall balance and energy flow of the bracelet.

Tell us some of your favorite experiences clients have had with your bracelets.
There’s so many! I’ve heard from clients (from children to elderly people) that the bracelet has provided them with courage or comfort. For example, a little girl told me she was scared to go to school but felt the bracelet helped her be strong. During a health scare, one client said her mom felt peace after wearing the bracelet. Other women have told me it helped them have courage during a particularly difficult divorce. And some people have told me it’s helped them attract love. Lastly, I’ve heard from many clients that the bracelet has been effective in helping to protect them against negative spirits and energy.



How should crystals be stored?
There are a few options. Ideally, a wooden box without a lid, silk cloth, hemp cloth or a bed of clear crystal quartz chips. Crystals should not be stored under direct sunlight nor should your bracelets be left in an undesignated area or on an undesignated surface.  For example, if you're in the kitchen and need to remove your bracelet, it's better to return it to its rightful place instead of leaving it in a drawer.

How do I care for my crystals? What is best way to clean crystals? 
Caring for your crystals requires two steps – cleaning and charging. To clean your crystals, sage them or use smoke from burning copal.

Can I cleanse my crystals using salt and water?
That depends on the type of crystals used in your bracelet. A quick Google search (e.g. can I cleanse smoky quartz in salt water) will tell you if your crystals are safe in salt water. Generally speaking, crystals ending in ‘ite’ like malachite, azurite, fluorite are not safe for salt and water. If you confirm each of your crystals are water/salt safe, soak the bracelet in a bit of sea salt and mineral water for no longer than 20 minutes. It is important to use sea salt and water from a church, shrine or from natural sources (like the mountain or sea) is recommended.

How do I charge my bracelet after cleaning with sage or sea salt and water?
To charge your bracelet, let it sit overnight under a full moon or let it rest on a bed of clear quartz. Additionally, you can let your bracelet be in the sunlight during sunrise only (when sunlight is low) for 10-15 minutes.

How often should I do this (since full moon is only once a month)?
Your bracelet is linked to you. When you feel tired, sick or are having a hard time, it’s safe to assume your bracelet is picking up on your energy and needs to be cleaned. During particularly challenging times, this needs to be done daily or every other day. Otherwise, once a week is recommended for cleansing.

What happens if my bracelet isn’t cleaned or regularly charged?
The bracelet will have tired and depleted energy. Sometimes, you may notice the colors of the crystals dull or turn a slight gray or blackish.

Can I shower with bracelet on or should I take off?
It’s better to take it off.

Should I sleep with bracelet on or should I take off?
At nighttime, the bracelet is good to wear for protection. However, you also want to give the bracelet a break. So once in a while, let it lest on some crystal chips or clear quartz or wrap it with a silk or hemp cloth.

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One thought on “Partnership with Crystal Dew Tokyo - Customized Crystal Energy Bracelets

  1. avatar Mary says:

    I got the bracelet for few reasons and after I received the bracelet I started wearing the same day and of course miracle happened I saw my intentions falling into its place. Just few days and my thinking got so clear and I could feel I was more aware of my thoughts. Would wear for life if breaks or gets lost will get another one right away. Money worth spend.

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