Can I place a wholesale order?

Absolutely!  Not all of our items are wholesale eligible, but you can check out our catalog here. We work with brands and stores across the globe and are passionate about connecting cultures through our store items.  We can work with you to customize a store offering and yes, we do offer wholesale pricing, even for smaller orders.

Do you offer private labeling for your products?

Yes.  You can provide us with the labels or if you prefer to affix the labels yourself, we would complete the order much like a wholesale order.  We can also monogram some of our products (like dish towels) with your brand's logo.  Private Labeling works very similar to our wholesale and custom orders.  You can always email us with specific questions:

Do you offer wholesale discounts or require minimum purchases?

We do not require a minimum purchase.  We work with businesses on placing orders of any size.  Obviously, the larger the order, the more flexibility we have with our discounting.  However, our pricing is already competitive so wholesale discounts are minimal. 

How long does it take to receive a wholesale order?

It can vary greatly, from 2 weeks to 2 months.  We recommend you reach out to us with the quantity and items along with a date you would like to receive the order by.  We then will check with our artisan to see how long it would take them to fill your order.  Please note, nothing we sell is mass produced and our artisans must fill their existing orders before they can start working on new orders.  

Do you accept custom orders?

We do.  However, these types of orders can take some time.  We recommend you allow 1-3 months lead time for custom orders, especially if items are seasonally sensitive.  

What are you most common custom items ordered?

Home goods like rugs.  We work with private clients to customize wool rugs.  If you're interested, reach out to us and we can provide some sample pictures.

Do you require a deposit?

For all custom and large wholesale orders, we require full payment upfront.