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New Product Artisan Process

When we offer a new product, we start with a very limited quantity for two reasons.  First, finding what our clients like is trial and error so we start small.  And second, we always have notes and corrections for every iteration of orders we place with our artisans.

Our Embroidered Hammock Bags sold out of most colors before they were even listed.  We then started working with our artisan by giving them notes on quality and size.  The first batch was great already, but this second wave is so much better! And the next one we're hoping will be perfect (although tbh it's pretty close already).

But it took 3 months between the first and second batch with near daily communication.  For example, they had to find a new thread maker to work which alone took 3 weeks.  Then we had to wait for them to fit us into their schedule, which took another few weeks.  You get the idea!

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