Mystic World Finds is a female owned and operated online store based in Los Angeles, CA that sells artisan items from Bhutan, Guatemala, India and Mexico.  We partner with over 50 artisans, co-ops and small businesses across the globe that are mostly female run and led.  

We also work with businesses across the world on wholesale and custom orders.  To learn more click here.

To learn more about our brand and the places we source from, visit our Stories Highlights on Instagram.


What's the inspiration behind the store?

We love different cultures and try to absorb the spirit of each place we visit – through conversations with locals, food, sites, spiritual traditions and well…shopping.  Wearing or displaying unique items collected from around the world reminds us of the spirit of the countries we visit.  Mystic World Finds hopes to bring you a piece of treasure from different parts of the world as your personal shopper and designer.

What inspired the store name 'Mystic World Finds'?

Spiritual traditions across different cultures are fascinating.  And we believe certain spiritual traditions can greatly impact our day to day life.  For example, practices like yoga and meditation have impacted so many people. 

We'd like to think we didn't really choose our store name, it chose us.  We frequently share traditions and finds we discover along the way on our website and on Instagram.

Where do you ship?

Worldwide, naturally.

How do you choose which countries to offer products from?

We are drawn to countries with strong mystic and spiritual traditions.

I see Mystic Finds as a product category, what is that?

Mystic Finds are spiritual items used in mystic traditions.  For example, one of our best sellers is a mantra bracelet from Bhutan.  We were told that wearing the bracelet comes with a responsibility of mindfulness for the wearer and failure to do so could result in negative karma.  We are especially careful about curating details like that about our Mystic Finds. 

We passionately learn about and give credit to the cultures we source from in order to be sensitive to cultural and spiritual appropriation. 

Will you add products from more countries in the future?

Absolutely!  But as a new business (we were founded in 2018), we want to make sure we build out our current country offerings first.

Will you possibly open a store in the future?

We are always on the lookout to see how and where that can happen.  We frequently look at spaces in and out of the United States.  But, unfortunately, the overhead associated with a physical location hasn't made sense for us...yet.