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Crystal Bracelets Back In Stock!

Our Customized Crystal Energy Bracelet is our easiest and hardest product to market.  How do you market something that a) isn’t sold anywhere else? and b) encompasses concepts people aren’t familiar with (readings and crystal energy).  We are based in LA where b) isn’t so much of an issue.

Dropped jaws and profoundly impacted is how we’d describe our client reactions to both the reading and the impact of the bracelet. ‘How’d she know?!’ Is a common reaction to the energy reading performed by @yucca_crystaldew.

It’s certainly an investment, but we are so confident in how incredible these are based on the amazing feedback we’ve received from people (men, women, healers, and even skeptics).

The intentions people request for their bracelet range from strength to health to protection.

If you’re curious or want to learn more, please email us (  We will share honest feedback on whether this is the right spiritual tool for you or someone you know.

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