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Friends & Family

Friends and family are an integral part of almost every successful small business story.  They provide marketing, support and enthusiasm that no amount of money can buy.

But money energy can be tricky with friends and family.  If your small business has stemmed from a passion, chances are you were providing services and/or goods for free or at cost at some point.

The awkwardness around charging friends and family can be a struggle.  We do get the occasional 'you're charging HOW much for that now??' comments for goods/services that were once free or much cheaper.  But there are also those who have been super encouraging and are totally ok with the new markup.  Money is truly a fascinating energy, we love observing it 🍿.

Also, don't get us wrong.  We have an insanely loyal and supportive base of friends and family.  It's not uncommon for someone we know to walk our business card into a store and market our products and vision.  And the best part?  We never asked.

Do any of you have any tips on how create healthy boundaries with charging friends and family money for your business? If so, we'd love to hear your comments 👇. 

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