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Instagram Shop Not Working and How We're Dealing

The idea that you must pick a lane and perfect what you're doing in said lane just isn't for us 🙅‍♂️.  It's part of why we started the conceptually creative and fluid umbrella that is Mystic World Finds.

We've extended this philosophy to our Instagram feed.  Instead of a cohesive theme where all the pictures kinda go together, we thoughtfully showcase different subject matters, themes, places, colors, composition and lighting. When you see our post in your feed, we want you to be surprised by its content.

This week however we've chosen to do a series of three (maybe more?) non-product related posts about bright exteriors because our Instagram shop is down 😫.  All of our product tags in our posts have disappeared and we want to avoid posting product related posts until it's fixed.  We're figuring out how to get our posts retagged...yes, manually. A few hundred of them.  For the second time in the past two weeks. But it's totally fine. 😒 

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