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Personalized Crystal Energy Bracelet + Energy Reading




We are beyond excited and honored to be partnering with Yucca of Crystal Dew to offer handcrafted crystal beaded bracelets that are customized for you based on your intentions and energy.

We have spent 20 years learning about different spiritual traditions across the globe.  We've met incredible individuals with special gifts and abilities.  Amongst those gifted individuals, Yucca stands out as a rare master.  To learn more about her and her process (e.g. how she sources crystals), visit our blog post here.

After placing your order, we recommend sending us your photograph at or simply reply to your email order confirmation with an attachment.  A photo is not required but it does improve the accuracy and ease of the reading. 

Using the information you provide, Yucca will to do an energy reading.  Based on your reading and the intentions you provide, she will handpick crystals specifically for you.  Intentions can range from health, money, love, or something more specific.  If you prefer to let Yucca set the intention for your bracelet, please indicate this in the 'Intention' field.  

The bracelet pictures shown are examples of bracelets that have been previously made for clients.  Your bracelet color and stones will vary from the pictures above.

IMPORTANT: Yucca will try to accommodate your color preferences for your bracelet. However, please note with this order, you are granting her permission to make the bracelet that is best suited for you, based on your energy reading and/or intentions.

In special cases, after the reading, Yucca might feel that a special type of stone is needed for you. Should that happen, we will reach out to you to see if you are interested in the addition.

Constructing this special piece and shipping it from Asia takes some time. Please allow 60 days to receive your custom crystal energy braclet.


  • Photo Instructions: Please email a photo of yourself (or the person the bracelet is for) to and reference your name and order number; you can also respond to your order confirmation email with a picture.
  • Color: The stones and hence the color(s) used for your bracelet will be determined by Yucca. Indicate color preferences (to use or not to use) in the field above and email us as well.  We will do our best, however, with this order you are granting Yucca permission to use the crystals that are best suited for you, energetically.
  • Time to delivery: 60 days 
  • Includes: Customized energy crystal beaded bracelet + small energy reading + care instructions
  • Handmade in: Singapore
  • Materials: Crystals will vary in origin, type and size
  • Care Instructions (weekly):
    • 1) Cleanse with sage or copal;
    • 2) Charge on bed of clear quartz or by leaving out during full moon.

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