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Compassion Buddha Mantra Mala Bracelet



We've never come across anything quite like this compassion Buddha mantra mala bracelet made in Bhutan.  Each wooden bead has the following compassion Buddha mantra carved in gold: Om Mani Padme Hum.  This mantra is for all sentient beings that are suffering in the six realms to be liberated from the hills to heaven.  In other words, this mantra is not for the individual, but for others.  It is believed that chanting this mantra every morning and evening brings harmony to this present life and the next.

We were told that sins knowingly created by the hand that wears this bracelet will incur double karma.  This bracelet is to be seen as a commitment to practice compassion for others.

The bracelet inner diameter is 2.5", however, the wooden beads are strung on elastic and will fit most average (medium to large) sized wrists.  

Handmade in Bhutan 
Material: Wood
Number of Beads: 17
Care Instructions: Do not expose to water, wipe with cloth
Diameter: 2.5" 

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