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Embroidered Modern Huipil


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We were very lucky to be connected to this remote co-op in Chiapas. It is remote for three reasons. First, Spanish is not spoken in this town, so we had to have two translators with us: 1) Tzotzil to Spanish and 2) Spanish to English. Second, visitors are not permitted here unless you have cleared it with the guards first. And third, there is no internet connectivity here.

The quality and attention to detail of huipil is incredible (zoom into pictures to get a closer look). This piece is made completely by backstrap loom. Generally, these women do not use a pattern of any kind. The weavers are taught that they must connect to a piece spiritually and envision it in their minds and then wave freehand.

There is embroidery in the front and back, on the shoulders and sleeves and around the neck. We love they didn't take any shortcuts and kept the embroidery in the front and back to make it look continuous. The cut is modern and flattering on various body shapes.


  • Made in Mexico by a women's co-op
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Method: Backstrap loom
  • Approximate Measurements (see picture): 24"L, 19.5"W

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